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The Finest Instruction

The Starchevski School of Ballet was founded in 1992 with the goal of helping young dancers develop their potential in dance and perform in dance productions.

The Academy founders, Kristof Star and Hanna Starczewski have both performed internationally as Principal and Soloist dancers while members of respected dance companies. The Starczewskis have a deep love and appreciation for the discipline, resulting in quality instruction rarely found outside of Europe. Their extensive international performing and teaching backgrounds have led to many of their students being accepting into professional companies.


Kristof Star, Artistic Director

Artistic Director, teacher, former principal dancer. Mr. Star is a graduate from the National Ballet School of Poland and former dancer of Alberta Ballet in Calgary and Ballet Austin in Texas. During the course of his international career, he has performed throughout many worldwide centers including New York, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Lyon, Moscow and Toronto to name a few. He worked with Conrad Drzewiecki, Brigit Culberg, Irena Fokina, Adam Hanuszkiewicz, Irina Kolpakova, Lambros Lambrou, Brian Macdonald, Ali Pourrfarokh, John Taras, Gray Veredon and Ewa Wycichowska among others. Mr. Starczewski has taught dance internationally in National Ballet School of Poland, Ballet Austin Texas, University of Calgary, Calgary Opera and Starchevski School of Ballet


Hanna Starczewski, M.A., RAD.

Ms. Starchevski obtained her Master Degree in Dance Pedagogy from the prestigis University of Frideric Chopin in Warsaw. Ms. Starczevski was a professional dancer and soloist for 15 years and is also a Professor of Dance, choreographer and a member of Royal Academy of Dancing. She had her early dance training at the National Ballet School of Poland, and then she joined the Poznan Opera-Ballet House and Grand Theater in Lodz. After becaming a dance professor at the National Ballet School of Poland Ms. Starczewski, together with her husband, has dedicated her professional experience to conduct a ballet school in Calgary, the Starchevski School of Ballet Inc.


Francesca Ambrosino - Ballet

This is the third season of Ms. Francesca at our school as a ballet teacher. Before teaching Franceska Ambrosino graduated from the Starchevski School of Ballet, where she studied ballet and character dance under the guidance of Mr. and Mrs Starczewski. Ms Franceska is very dedicated, responsible and passionate about teaching. We are very confident about her professional approach to the students and we are looking forward to have Ms Franceska as our faculty member in this season.


Rachel Stewart - Ballet

Rachel has been accepted into the faculty of dance at the University of Calgary.  She has studied dance at Starchevski School of Ballet for many years.  She was trained in a varieties of dance including: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, stomp, and West African dance.  As one of the best student Rachel assisted Mrs. Starczewski in teaching ballet and later she became instructor at our school (2012-14). Some of Rachel's achievements are dancing in Corps Bara Dance Theater and completion of advanced exams in ballet. We are happy to have Ms. Rachel in 2016/17 dance season as ballet, jazz and hip-hop teacher.


Jill O'Connell - Jazz, Lyrical

Jill our jazz and lyrical teacher has 10 years of dance experience in jazz, ballet, hip hop and contemporary dance. Jill studied dance in Calgary in various dance schools. Ms Jill is also our former Hip-Hop student. Her dedication to dance and music can certainly be noticed. Ms Jill has graduated from Notre Dame High School with Honors as Musician of the Year award and she is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts/Music and Education program at the University of Calgary. Ms Jill has participated in many dance performances including The Young Canadians among others. We welcome Ms. Jill as our faculty member for 2015/16 dance season.

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