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Our Commitment

Founded in 1992 by respected ballet teachers, Kristof Star and Hanna Starczewski, The Starchevski School of Ballet Inc. has continued the commitment to original vision of providing high-level ballet training to aspiring young dance artist.

Classical Vaganova Approach

The fundamental schooling is founded on the classical Vaganova methodology. This unique curriculum is the detail-based technique applied by The National Ballet School of Canada, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School among others. The guiding principles of the Vaganova approach enable a dancer to develop the flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle memory, discipline, and attention to detail that are not only critical components of training, but essential for growth as a ballet dancer.

How can I enroll my child at Starchevski School of Ballet

Our yearly dance program run fromĀ September to June, students can join classes during the year and your fee will be prorated. We offer a trial class to ensure your child is placed in the correct level. Our goal is to make our students confident while learning.

Try Your First Class for Just $20!

Try your first ballet class for just $20. A discount from usual price. Then if you enroll for classes we will apply the $20 towards your yearly tuition.


Starchevski School of Ballet
201, 200 Country Hills Landing NW,
Calgary, Alberta, T3K 5P3,
403 226-8874

Thursday - 6.00pm-7.30pm
Saturday - 9.00am-9.45am and 11.00am-12.00pm

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